B&B - Beer and Beverage

Metlac Group has a successful record in supplying over print varnishes for DWI beverage cans.

Cost and environmental pressures present in the beer and beverage can market are directing Metlac Group’s R&D centre, Ceritec, to develop low VOC and high abrasion resistance varnishes and basecoats.

Metlac also offers special effect varnishes with matt, tactile, texture, interference and sparkle finishes.

Driven initially by demands to remove BPA, Metlac’s research and development function has developed a new range of products aimed at the internal protection of beer and beverage cans and end stock. These products are built on polyolefin dispersions (POD) and are sold under the “METPOD” brand.

The internal spray lacquer, METPOD 100, which is now commercial for beer and energy drinks, offers no compromise in technical performance and is BPA, formaldehyde and styrene free. This coating meets not only current legislative demands but is capable of satisfying the future requirements of canmakers, brand owners, legislators and consumers.