Legislazione e regulatory affairs

Metlac Group actively drives the technology with the most innovative solutions to meet all international legislation.
Regulatory affairs relating to coatings formulations are a key component of Metlac Group’s know-how.

All of Metlac’s Research and Development staff are trained to understand and formulate with regards to the food contact regulations coming from international legislation and the specific requirements of the market.
Customers rely on Metlac Group to be professional and knowledgeable in this regard.

Every year several thousands of analyses and studies conducted by independent laboratories and universities are sponsored by Metlac Group in order to stay at the leading edge of technology, whilst keeping customers updated with the most advanced products on the market and with information on future legislative requirements.
Metlac Group promotes the exchange of information throughout the supply chain. Customers can rely on support for any necessary information.
The selection of raw materials and the optimization of the formulas and of the processes are the key points to formulate lacquers in compliance with most of the worldwide legislation.

All food contact lacquers are regularly checked by independent laboratories and the results of their investigations are circulated up and down the supply chain upon request.