Metlac Group Sustainability Policy

Metlac Group considers the sustainability of its Business a priority.

Metlac Group has developed many projects with the focus on sustainability. Step by step the design of the Business Model is based on the six clusters that cover all the activities and functions of the Group.
By November 2019 Metlac Group aligned itself to United Nations Policy (UN Policy) concerning Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

Metlac Group is constantly monitoring and controlling the impact and effect of its activities on the environment, energy consumption, waste production, water usage and sewage, rainwater management and groundwater. Metlac Group goes beyond the conventional approach to environmental thinking by considering the direct customer and, most importantly, the final consumer, the business, people and all stakeholders.

The Six Clusters of the Business Model that contribute to Sustainability development:

  • Environment 
  • Research and Development
  • Plant
  • Supply chain
  • Network
  • Metlac Community

Metlac Group is striving to become a model Company in its industrial sector, focusing in particular on the innovative formulation of its products, the development of new formulas based on Carbon Footprint reduction basics and on reducing raw materials usage coming from fossil sources. The business growth is combined with an impact and effect reduction of its activities on the environment and indirectly on the final consumer, while developing Life Cycle Assessment on products to confirm the performance improvement basics of its products and environmental impact.

The Road Map, as explained below, follows the evolution from 2015-2025, with practical operations to achieve the Company’s sustainable development

Metlac Group develops new formulas to reduce Carbon Footprint
Metlac Group progressively modernizes its process plants and auxiliary, increasing the energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact

Metlac Group appoints a Sustainability Manager and define a new Team who start to develop the Sustainability Policy, defining and clustering the sustainability activities which are already in place

Metinks start to adopt Metlac Group policies

The project of the new parking for employees in Bosco Marengo Site start the construction phase

Announcement of the Sustainability Policy and nomination of working groups on specific topics, coordinated by Sustainability Team

Enlargement of Metlac production capacity through new Production 3 construction

Expansion of Metinks storage capacity with the renting of a new warehouse

Business expansion in Mexico with the construction of a new LEED certified Plant

Metlac Group plans the consolidation and improvement of the Safety and Health management system with the ISO 45001 certification and the Energy management system with ISO 50001 certification

The development of the other clusters of the Business model (supply chain, network, community) continues

Metlac Group promotes itself as an innovative and sustainable company introducing a catalog of varnishes, enamels, lacquers and traditional inks along with alternatives using reduced VOC and raw materials from renewable or biological sources

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